Our Team

Robin Aguilar

NSF GRFP Graduate Student (Genome Sciences)

Joint with the Noble Lab

eaguil [a t] uw.edu


Joined Jun 2019

Brian Beliveau


PhD in Genetics, Harvard Medical School

beliveau [a t] uw.edu



Ryan Chern

Undergraduate Researcher

UW Computer Science

chernr [a t] uw.edu


Joined Nov 2018

Lily Deng

Staff Engineer

PhD in Biological Engineering, University of Georgia

lzdeng [a t] uw.edu


Joined Sept 2018

Elliot Hershberg

Postbaccalaureate Researcher & Research Assistant

Oregon State University, Computer Science

hershe [a t] uw.edu


Joined Sept 2018

Alisa Tvorun-Dunn

Undergraduate Researcher

UW Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences 

tvorua [a t] uw.edu

Joined Jan 2019

Jackson Zariski

Undergraduate Researcher

UW Mathematics

jzariski [a t] uw.edu

Joined Feb 2019





Conor Camplisson, Rotation Student (Sept 2019 – Dec 2019). 

Yuzhen Liu, Rotation Student (Sept 2019 – Dec 2019). 

Soyeon Showman, Rotation Student (Sept 2019 – Dec 2019). 

Robin Aguilar, Rotation Student (Apr 2019 – June 2019). Now a Graduate Student in the Beliveau and Noble labs (!)

Amy Xu, Undergraduate Student (Sept 2018 – May 2019).


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